Viance Product Performance Backed by Lifetime Limited Warranty

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (June 23, 2016) – Viance LLC, a leading manufacturer of advanced wood treatment technologies, will extend the Lifetime Limited Warranty on its preservative treatments, including its Ecolife® (EL2), Preserve ACQ ® and Preserve CA ® technologies, when used in Above Ground (UC3B) applications. By reaffirming the product’s warranty, Viance aims to mitigate confusion surrounding the proper uses of Above Ground treated wood and reassure customers that the product will perform when used properly for applications such as deck joists, support beams, decking, and railing systems.

The American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) will soon publish the most recent version of its Use Category System standards for preservative treated wood, and various interpretations of the standards have been causing some confusion in the marketplace. Some companies would have you believe that there is a need to switch to all Ground Contact lumber. However, Above Ground treated wood remains code compliant for most common decking applications. This material uses the appropriate amount of preservatives required to ensure performance, without introducing unnecessary levels into the environment.

Some preservative manufacturers have recently announced that they will be adjusting their warranties to limit or exclude the use of products treated for Above Ground applications. Viance stands behind its preservative treatments by continuing to provide a Lifetime Limited Warranty on its Ecolife® Above Ground product.

Our Above Ground preservative treatment has been reviewed by the AWPA to meet stringent standards, and we are confident in its ability to perform when used properly. That’s why we are reaffirming our warranty. We want the industry to know we stand behind the performance of our products with a Lifetime Limited Warranty when used properly for applications such as deck joists, support beams, decking, and railing systems in elevated deck projects.