Contractor Responsibilities

  • Have a contact person available

    The contractor will give you the name of a person to contact during your building/renovation project. It may be a site supervisor, or it may be the contractor themselves. This designated person will keep you informed and stay in touch with you throughout the job. They will give you regular updates and inform you when to expect workers and when you will need to be available to make decisions. Expect this person to be available on short notice to respond to your questions and concerns.

  • Minimize disruptions

    A reputable contractor will make every effort to minimize disruptions and the impact on your daily activities. Having temporary hookups for water and electricity will allow you to maintain your daily cooking and cleaning routines.

  • Meet stipulated deadlines

    Responsibility lies with the contractor to meet the deadlines which are stipulated in the contract. If the work is thrown off schedule by unforeseen circumstances, the contractor’s designated contact person or preferably the contractor themselves will immediately discuss the situation with you to find mutually agreeable ways to remedy the situation.

  • Have daily clean-up routine

    Contractors should have a daily clean-up routine as part of their service to you. Leaving a clean work site at the end of the day alleviates a lot of potential problems, especially injuries. Be sure to discuss expectations with your contractor regarding the cleanliness of the job site.