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Severe Weather® Treated Wood with Ecolife

Severe Weather treated wood with Ecolife contains an environmentally-advanced wood protection system utilizing the only integrated wood preservative with a built-in stabilizer. This proprietary system provides maximum weathering protection and enhanced performance. The Ecolife preservative is a non-metallic preservative that fights the effects of the sun and weather extremes to repel water, minimize cracking and keep boards straighter.

Severe Weather treated lumber with Ecolife is available in decking, narrow widths, decking components, railing and fence pickets at Lowe's® stores across the United States. 

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Lowes Severe Weather treated lumber see the difference
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Severe Weather More Performance

With Severe Weather treated wood, you get the added benefits of Ecolife

Lowe’s® specifies Ecolife as the preservative of choice for key lumber dimensions for its Severe Weather treated lumber brand. Ecolife is the only wood preservative system in the marketplace that contains an integrated stabilizer, delivering added value that:

  1. repels water
  2. reduces cracking
  3. stays straighter
Lowe's Severe Weather treated lumber with Ecolife

Lowe’s Severe Weather treated lumber with Ecolife is typically used for decking, railing, and fencing projects. As a part of a home’s overall design, these custom projects require the vision and craftsmanship of professional builders, who rely on consistent quality in their building materials. Their business depends on products that look good and perform without time and money wasted from culling, replacing boards, and call backs. Their projects reflect their reputation. Their Ecolife treated lumber is backed by a warranty they can proudly stand behind. Since the Ecolife preservative launched in 2008, there have been virtually no claims with properly treated wood.

The active ingredient in Severe Weather treated lumber with Ecolife is DCOI. DCOI is a highly effective wood preservative and Ecolife is the only formulation with both DCOI and an integrated stabilizer standardized by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA). Compared to other treated products, Severe Weather with Ecolife is unsurpassed in performance and is preferred by many professional builders.

The Ecolife preservative is a nonmetal-based, environmentally advanced preservative formulation. DCOI won the US Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 1996.

Beyond Treated. Trusted.

Build with the beauty and economy of real wood.

Check out this video clip to see the performance difference Severe Weather with Ecolife provides.

Product Applications

Outdoor Projects

  • Ecolife 2Nd Story Deck And Stairs

    Severe Weather with Ecolife treated wood decking is ideal for residential use for decking, deck framing, railing, joists and beams.

  • Porch Steps Family Portrait

    Severe Weather with Ecolife is perfect for porches, arbors, gazebos, trellis', and walkways.

  • Ecolife Swingset By Rs

    Also used in homeowner projects, Severe Weather treated wood is used to build picnic tables, outdoor furniture, benches and playsets.

  • Eco Walkways 150X150

    For commercial agriculture use, Severe Weather treated wood is used for boardwalks, decks, wood framing for outdoor structures, bridges, sill plates and furring strips.


  • Dog Ear Fence Pickets

    Ecolife treated fence pickets and pre-assembled panels offer privacy, noise reduction, containment, boundary or accent walls for your personal oasis.

  • short natural wood picket fence

    Pickets treated with Ecolife offer quality and style to complement your home.

The Qualities That Matter to You


  • No need to seal for up to two years due to built-in water repellency
  • Significantly minimizes cracking, checking and splitting by up to 50%
  • Keeps boards straighter for long-term beauty
  • Less corrosive to fasteners and compatible with aluminum products
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty* protects the long-term performance of your project

Severe Weather treated lumber with Ecolife offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty* against damage from fungal decay or termite attack when installed in accordance with applicable building codes. Warranty coverage includes above ground joists, beams and framing members that are critical to the safety and performance of the structure. *See Ecolife Lifetime Limited Warranty for terms and conditions.

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Green Certified Product

Ecolife is a non-metallic preservative and is an Home Innovation Research Labs NGBS Green Certified Product for Resource Efficiency. This means Severe Weather treated lumber with Ecolife is eligible to contribute points toward a building's certification under the National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS).

Ecolife Stained Staged

Ecolife is an American Wood Protection Association standard as a complete wood protection system, combining next-generation fungicides and biocides to protect and stabilize wood for above ground treated wood preservative for residential, commercial and agricultural uses.

  • decking, deck framing, joists, beams
  • porches, arbors, gazebos, trellis, walkways and fence pickets
  • picnic tables, outdoor furniture, benches and playsets
  • commercial boardwalks, outdoor structures and bridges
  • sill plates and furring strips

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Pro-preferred, Ecolife gives Severe Weather added advantages that ordinary treated lumber does not offer. Professional deck builders receive these benefits with Ecolife:

  • Minimize lost time and money spent on culling, complaints and callbacks
  • Offer quality aesthetics and a high-performing natural, wood option
  • Differentiates their products from the competition
  • Can offer premium exterior wood products and deck packages for their customers

Homeowners receive these advantages:

  • No water repellent needed for 2-3 years, reducing initial maintenance
  • Less surface cracking and checking
  • Wood decks are more economical and retain more value than all other decking options
  • Can be finished to match any color scheme
  • Real wood decks offer natural beauty
  • Backed by a lifetime limited warranty

Product Information

IBC and IRC Building Code Compliant, Ecolife Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood is AWPA standardized and building-code approved (Use Categories U1, UC3B) for above-ground applications such as decks, fencing, wood framing and similar projects. (Not intended for contact with soil).

The AWPA Standards are the only treated wood standards directly referenced in the IBC and IRC. Look for “AWPA U1” on the end tags of all treated lumber used for exterior projects. Click here for AWPA information on how to specify treated wood.

The Prescriptive Residential Deck Construction Guide includes guidance compiled by the American Wood Council (AWC) on provisions of the International Residential Code (IRC) pertaining to single level residential wood deck construction. To ensure that you always have the latest version of the document, click on the highlighted text above to review the most current on the AWC’s website. This document is subject to updates and revisions.