Moldex® 45

Moldex® 45 Mildewcide is an isothiazolinone compound for the temporary control of mold and mildew control treated wood building products. Moldex 45 is environmentally friendly and does not persist in the environment.


Features & Benefits

  • Liquid product
  • Highly active microbiocide
  • Low environmental toxicity
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Low dosage required, cost-effective
  • Good supply and availability
  • Global production capabilities

Moldex® 45 at a concentration in the range 220 ppm to 250 ppm of active ingredient is recommended for the control of mold in copper-azole (Viance CA-B, CA-C, and Pack PT) treating solutions.

Many factors such as temperature, air circulation, depth of penetration, moisture content, mildew and mold can affect the performance of the treatment. Therefore, the protection period can vary. Testing and experience from our technical experts will help you determine the solution for your treatment.

The active ingredient is not changed by short-term temperature stress during processing at up to 60°C. However, the product stability is affected by alkalinity and oxidizing agents in the treatment solution. For best results, the treatment solution should be maintained at a pH of 8 or below; and the active level of Moldex 45 monitored and formulated as required to maintain the desired concentration.

Please refer to the safety data sheet of this product for precise handling instructions.

The processing and use of industrial chemicals require adequate technical and professional knowledge.

In general, avoid eye and skin contact, wear safety goggles, impervious gloves, boots, and protective clothing. In case of eye or skin contact despite precautionary measures, wash immediately and thoroughly with plenty of warm water and obtain medical attention.

The use of a completely closed, piped-in system is the recommended method of addition of Moldex 45.

Handle Moldex 45 in a work area equipped with a safety shower/eye wash station.

Moldex 45 is corrosive to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes, may be harmful if swallowed or inhaled and in addition, it is a sensitizer. Strict adherence to the handling recommendation in the product SDS are required.

Follow good housekeeping practices as with any chemical. Small spills or drips should be promptly deactivated (see Viance deactivation procedure) and cleaned to avoid inadvertent contact by those entering the work area.

Moldex 45 Mildewcide should be stored at room temperature in original containers. Protect from frost and heat. (32 ˚F to 100 ˚F) Storage at > 120 ˚F for extended periods of time can result in degradation of the active ingredient. Any supplies which do freeze must be homogeneously mixed after thawing before they can be used without any loss in effectiveness.

Viance takes every measure to ensure that its products are safe for both man and the environment.

In line with this policy, Viance can provide comprehensive toxicological data for Moldex 45, which shows it is of low toxicity at recommended use levels.