Ecolife® Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood

Ecolife® Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood with DCOI is the only environmentally-advanced wood protection system with a fully integrated stabilizer standardized by the American Wood Protection Associaton.

Ecolife's active ingredient is DCOI, a non-metallic preservative that protects wood from fungal decay, termites. DCOI is not a Restricted Use Pesticide and is a very effective fungicide. 

Ecolife's stabilizer repels water, reduces checking and keeps boards straighter to fight the effects of the sun and weather extremes.

Ecolife is approved for use in above ground applications that are six inches or more from the ground in certain residential and agricultural uses. Check the end tag for the AWPA code, EL2, or the Ecolife logo.

Ecolife is available from Lowe's84 Lumber, and independent lumberyards across the country.

Ecolife Fencing

Environmentally-Advanced Wood Protection

Build with the economy and beauty of real wood with the industry’s leading non-metallic wood preservative system with a fully integrated wood stabilizer.

Ecolife’s advanced wood stabilizing preservative system makes wood look better for longer. Ecolife provides maximum protection and enhanced performance for outdoor wood framing, decking, and above ground projects six inches or more from the ground.

Check out this video below and see the difference in 38 seconds real time, how Ecolife treated lumber performs versus ordinary treated lumber.

Wood wafers in this demonstration were cut from the same 2x6 board. Half the board is treated with Ecolife and half the board is treated with preservatives without an integrated stabilizer. The boards were then cut into wafers to show the effects of moisture and the effectiveness of the integrated stabilizer.

Product Applications

Popular Outdoor Projects When Used Six Inches or More From the Ground

  • Ecolife 2Nd Story Deck And Stairs

    Ecolife treated wood decking is ideal for residential use for decking, deck framing, railing, joists and beams.

  • Porch Steps Family Portrait

    Ecolife is perfect for residential porches, arbors, gazebos, trellis', and walkways.

  • Ecolife Swingset By Rs

    Also used in homeowner projects, Ecolife is used to build picnic tables, outdoor furniture, benches and playsets.

  • Eco Walkways 150X150

    For certain agriculture uses, Ecolife is used for boardwalks, decks, wood framing for outdoor structures, bridges, sill plates and furring strips.

The Qualities That Matter to You

Viance Ecolife Decking

  • No need to seal for up to three years due to built-in water repellency
  • Significantly minimizes cracking, checking and splitting by up to 50%
  • Keeps boards straighter for long-term beauty
  • Less corrosive to fasteners and compatible with aluminum products, including aluminum flashing
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty* protects the long-term performance of your project

Ecolife (EL2) offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty* against damage from fungal decay or termite attack when installed in accordance with applicable building codes for certain residential and agricultural uses. Warranty coverage includes above ground joists, beams and framing members that are critical to the safety and performance of the structure. *See Ecolife Lifetime Limited Warranty for terms and conditions.

Unnamed 4

Green Certified Product

Ecolife is a non-metallic preservative and is an Home Innovation NGBS Research Labs Green Certified Product for Resource Efficiency. This means Ecolife products are eligible to contribute points toward a building's certification under the National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS).

Ecolife Stained Staged

Ecolife is an American Wood Protection Association standard as a complete wood protection system, combining fungicides and biocides to protect and stabilize wood for above ground use in residential and agricultural applications that are six inches or more off the ground. Ecolife can be used in above ground components in these popular applications:

  • decking, deck framing, joists, and beams
  • porches, arbors, gazebos, trellis, and walkways
  • picnic tables, outdoor furniture, benches and playsets
  • outdoor structures
  • sill plates and furring strips


Pro-preferred, Ecolife gives added advantages that ordinary treated lumber does not offer. Professional deck builders receive these benefits with Ecolife:

  1. Minimize lost time and money spent on culling, complaints and callbacks
  2. Offer quality aesthetics and a high-performing natural, wood option
  3. Differentiates their products from the competition
  4. Can offer premium exterior wood products and deck packages for their customers
  5. Offer homeowners these advantages:
  • No water repellent needed for 2-3 years, reducing initial maintenance
  • Less surface cracking and checking
  • Wood decks are more economical and retain more value than all other decking options
  • Can be finished to match any color scheme
  • Real wood decks offer natural beauty
  • Backed by a lifetime limited warranty

Dan Jones, Manager

84 Lumber, Rozzelles Ferry Rd, Charlotte, NC

"Ecolife is our brand of choice for pressure treated wood for a couple of reasons. We have seen a great reduction in checking as well as an overall improvement in product appearance. This leads to cost reduction and customer satisfaction."

Danny Talbert, President and Owner

Talbert Building Supply, Durham, NC

“Talbert Building Supply has been selling treated lumber from Tucker Lumber for over 20 years. Their quality lumber and service are second to none. Since their conversion to Ecolife we have had fewer complaints about lumber shrinking and warping. After the unusually hot summer we have experienced, that is very important.”

Calvin Roberts

Vision Ace Hardware

"Vision Ace Hardware has carried Ecolife for at least three years, and we’ve seen a dramatic drop in our waste from inventory losses. We used to lose approximately 10 to 20 pieces from a 208-piece unit of lumber, and with Ecolife we now lose only 2-3 pieces. Our lumber inventory seems straighter and looks good while in stock here. Our customer base is a mix of commercial and consumer/DIY, and both types of customers have been very happy with Ecolife thus far."

Bob Heidenreich, Owner

The Deck Store, MN

“Because it repels moisture so effectively, Ecolife doesn’t crack and warp in wet environments like other types of treated lumber. We highly recommend it for framing, substructures, and decks. Ecolife is our first choice. You can’t build great decks with bad materials.”

Orlando Tellez, Owner

Sarasota Fence, Florida

“We use Ecolife almost exclusively now and it has been working great so far. We’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the number of issues like checking and cracking. The chemicals in Ecolife definitely do a great job in helping the wood stand up to the tough weather here in Florida.”

Larry Reese

Woodland Building Supply, PA

“We have been very happy with Ecolife Stabilized Wood. We store our treated products outside and have noticed significantly less culling since we switched our inventory to Ecolife.

Ecolife has been a home run for us and our customers. Our customers are very happy with the performance in the field. Ecolife yards better and is a greener, safer product for us and our customers to handle at relatively the same price point.”

Dee Pasteur

Yandle’s Building Materials, FL

“We are convinced Ecolife is a better treated wood product. Out in the yard, boards remain straighter and look nicer for a longer period of time. Our inventory shrinkage is lower due to fewer boards going bad on the rack. Best of all, we have repeat customers coming back and asking for Ecolife because of its performance for them as well. Word of mouth has spread, and business for Ecolife is definitely growing.”

IBC and IRC Building Code Compliant, Ecolife Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood is AWPA standardized and building-code approved (Use Categories U1, UC3B) for above-ground applicationssuch as decks, wood framing and similar projects, six inches or more from the ground.

The AWPA Standards are the only treated wood standards directly referenced in the IBC and IRC. Look for “AWPA U1” on the end tags of all treated lumber used for exterior projects.

The Prescriptive Residential Deck Construction Guide includes guidance compiled by the American Wood Council (AWC) on provisions of the International Residential Code (IRC) pertaining to single level residential wood deck construction. To ensure that you always have the latest version of the document, click on the highlighted text above to review the most current on the AWC’s website. This document is subject to updates and revisions.