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EcolifeĀ® & PreserveĀ® FAQs

  • What are the differences between EcolifeĀ® and PreserveĀ® treated lumber?

    EcolifeĀ® / Severe WeatherĀ® and PreserveĀ® are both preservative treatments that can be used for above ground applications of treated wood, such as decking or fencing. Both products are standardized by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA), indicating that they have demonstrated proven performance. Ecolife / Severe Weather is a non-metallic preservative with a built-in wood stabilizer which helps the treated lumber look better for longer. The built-in stabilizer helps reduce the amount of cracking, checking and splitting that occurs in wood exposed to the elements.

    Ecolife/Severe Weather (with Ecolife) is approved for use  in applications six inches or higher from the ground-- above ground use. At Lowe's, Ecolife is designated with "EL2" on the end tag and is available in  heights and widths up to 2x6, railing components, fence pickets and panels.

    DCOI, the active ingredient in Ecolife, won the EPA President's Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 1996 for replacing TBTO as an antifoulant in the hulls of ocean-going vessels. DCOI offers an environmentally advanced option and is also used in UltraPole NXTĀ® and UltraArm NXTĀ® for use in utility pole preservative treatment.

    Preserve CA and Preserve ACQ can be used in either above ground or ground contact applications depending on retention levels of the preservative treatment. Check the end tag for the appropriate use. See the bulletin for the similarities and differences in Preserve CA and Preserve ACQ.

    Preserve ACQ also won the EPA President's Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 2002 designed to replace chromated copper arsenate (CCA) wood preservatives, which phased out CCA from residential use.

  • Are EcolifeĀ® / Severe Weather and PreserveĀ® safe for building an in-ground, raised bed vegetable garden?

    The construction of an in-ground, raised vegetable garden should use materials designed to withstand ground-contact exposure. So while the preservatives are safe for use near edible garden plants, EcolifeĀ® is not intended or approved for ground-contact exposure. Preserve can be pressure treated for ground-contact exposure, is equally safe around edible plants, and is available in larger posts such as 4x4's or 6x6's which may work as the retaining wall or perimeter of a raised vegetable garden.

  • Why is EcolifeĀ® lighter in color than PreserveĀ®?

    Preserve is a copper-based preservative and it is the copper in the preservative which imparts the dark green color. Ecolife / Severe Weather is not a copper-based preservative although there is some colorant added to distinguish the EcolifeĀ® treated wood from untreated wood. The colorant in EcolifeĀ® does not impart a strong green tint on wood after treatment.