Your Responsibilities

  • Clear work area

    Clear work areas of any valuables or anything that would hinder the progress of the work. Cover anything that might be harmed by dust.

  • Select your products and materials

    Select your products and materials before the work begins and have them available to the contractor when they are needed. This will help the work to progress smoothly. The contract may stipulate that you select/provide different components of the job such as flooring, lighting, tiles, etc.

  • Keep in touch with contractor

    Don’t leave your contractor hanging by an inability to get in touch with you. You will invariably be asked to make different decisions as the work progresses. Make sure that you are available on short notice. If the contractor can’t get hold of you when there are decisions to be made, it will slow down the progress on your project.

  • Discuss concerns

    Discuss concerns that you may have as they arise.

  • Keep changes to a minimum

    Keep any changes to a minimum. While most contractors are willing to accommodate changes to the original project as you go along, remember that they are on a time schedule and a budget. Don’t make constant changes which delay the progress of the project and cause an increase in costs. Besides, constant changes may knock them off schedule on another project that they are waiting to start. Make sure to discuss the implications of changes with your contractor. Any changes must be amended in the contract and signed by both parties.

  • Accept the unexpected

    Accept the unexpected such as bad weather, unavailable or delayed products and other unforeseen problems. Trust your contractor to deal with these experiences in a professional manner. Always expect to have some unforeseen issues to arise. This will prevent you from getting frustrated when they do occur.

  • Have your payment ready

    Always have your payment ready on the contractually agreed upon schedule. This will ensure that you and your contractor can maintain a trusting and healthy working relationship. You never know when you might need their services in the future.