10-part series answers questions on treated wood

The 10-part series helps educate members throughout the selling chain about pressure treated wood. We start with the category uses of pressure treated wood and provide links to details on the various preservatives and minimum retention levels standardized by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA). Also, we explain the information noted on the end tag of each piece of treated lumber.

Check out topics in our 10-part series:

Part 1. AWPA Category uses of pressure treated wood and end tags explained

Part 2. Common treated wood sizes in nominal and actual dimensions plus popular project plans

Part 3. Hardware and installation tips including field treatment for end cuts

Part 4. Staining treated lumber

Part 5. Cleaning wood decks

Part 6. Tips for shoveling snow and ice removal on wood decks

Part 7. Safe handling

Part 8. Research on treated wood used in raised garden beds

Part 9. How wood is pressure treated

Part 10. How to interview contractors and check references

If you have questions or suggestions for other treated wood related subjects, let us know.