Dr. Kevin Archer presents at the International Conference on Overhead Lines.

Dr. Kevin Archer, Director of R&D, Viance LLC

At the 2019 International Conference on Overhead Lines March 25-28, Dr. Kevin Archer, Director of R&D for Viance, presented research on DCOI - An Oil-borne Preservative System for Pressure Treatment of Poles, Posts and Sawn Cross Arms.

The International Conference focuses on technologies and resources to support the leading corporate objectives of electric utility companies today: reduce operations and maintenance costs, increase power throughput, and improve line reliability. To this end, the technical papers address the related areas of extending overhead line and component life; reducing design, refurbishment, and construction costs; and ensuring health and safety for workers and the environment. In addition, this conference explored new technology applications that promise attractive future alternatives for overhead line owners.

As part of Viance's management team, click here to read Dr. Archer's bio.