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Designwood bridge

The DesignWood colorant is pressure infused with the preservatives, giving color and protection in one step. Eliminating the need for initial staining, you save time and money. DesignWood is ideal for decks, docks, bridges, pole-type buildings, structural-framing lumber, fence posts, and landscaping.

Specifications and Uses

  • Ideal for residential, commercial and certain agricultural projects
  • Above Ground Exposed Use, Ground Contact General Use, Fresh-water Immersion, and Salt-water Splash applications
  • Combined with American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) standardized wood preservatives and building code compliant
  • Preserve® CA with DesignWood pressure treated wood products are produced to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards as specified in the National Building Code of Canada for residential and commercial applications.
  • Certified green product for resource efficiency
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty protects against termites and fungal decay

Designwood Fence

Proven Soluble Copper Preservative

  • DesignWood was developed and optimised specifically for use with Preserve CA where a unique interaction between the colorant and the soluble copper in Preserve CA enhances colour life.
  • Preserve CA improves the durability of exterior wood and is proven-to-last.
  • Preserve CA has provided proven protection in Canada in severe environments since 2002

Watch how DesignWood can save time and money with no need to initially stain or paint.

Viance DesignWood color infused in treated wood

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