Maximize your opportunities for this repair and remodel season.

Are you "on ready" to maximize our sales and service opportunities for the upcoming peak season for repair and remodel activity? 

Marketing and sales tips that can make your website work for you 24/7. Plus we can help.

Cnstruction worker using laptop in truck
  1. Is your website selling for you 24/7? If not, we can help you as a free service.
  2. Are your product documents branded with your name so customers remember where to find your products?  If not, we can help you. 
  3. Is your product information available on your website in downloadable pdfs to make it easy for your reps and downstream customers and users to access? If not, we can help.
  4. Is your sales and customer support contact information online easy for customers and prospects to find? If not, make it easy for them to get to the right person by listing, yes, their email addresses. Ok, or at least a customer service email that can get to the right sales or technical rep fast.
  5. Are your salespeople trained on all your product offerings? Our sales reps can train in-person or online on any Viance products. And we have 5 minute videos that give you the highlights of our products. And more in-depth info is on the website or via phone call or email.
  6. Do your think your sales staff read the warranties on the products you sell? No one wants to read lengthy content and small print, but insist they read those warranties as well as product information sheets. Sales people sell what they know.
  7. Are sales staff proactive with your customers to anticipate what they need and how often they order? If not, calendar the average time between orders and help your customers place their orders. If you find they already ordered, egads!, from a competitor, ask them to cancel that order and order from you. The best sales reps do this. It is easier for a prospect to tell you no in an email-- and harder for them to tell you no on a phone call or in-person visit.
  8. Do you let prospects know you want an opportunity for their business? We can help by traveling with you to call on prospects. Once you build a relationship, you know what is important to them. If we learned anything from Covid, we know everyone in the selling chain needs more than one source of supply. If you're not the main supplier, at least be the backup and earn your way as the most reliable vendor.