If you liked penta treated poles, you will love UltraPole NXT!

Utilities will have a choice to make when penta production ceases December 2021. UltraPole NXT and UltraArm NXT with DCOI will make the switch easy. This technology is the next generation in utility pole treatment and is backed by a 50-year warranty. 

The active ingredient, DCOI, won the President's Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 1996 for use in marine antifoulant coatings. This active ingredient is also used in water treatment, marine upholstery and in Ecolife treated wood for residential decks in the US. DCOI is not a restricted use pesticide, does not persist in soil, is stable and leach-resistant with lower overall environmental impact. And it is low to no odor and easily climbable.

Read more on the benefits of UltraPole NXT with DCOI for pole treaters, utilities, linemen, consumers and the environment.

UltraPole can replace penta