Environmentally Advanced Utility Pole Alternative to Penta

Ultrapole NXT alternative to penta

Charlotte, N.C. (Dec. 17, 2019) – Viance, a leading innovator in the wood preservation industry, announced the introduction of UltraPole™ NXT in 2018. UltraPole NXT is a rigorously tested, environmentally advanced preservative that offers utilities an alternative to penta and other preservative systems currently in use.

Given recent market developments regarding the long-term supply of pentachlorophenol (penta), utilities and their suppliers are evaluating other preservative options. Viance is ready to supply market needs with the environmentally advanced UltraPole NXT and UltraArm NXT preservative systems.

UltraPole NXT and UltraArm NXT are designed to protect utility poles, cross arms and transportation bridge timbers from decay fungi and termites using the environmental award-winning active ingredient, DCOI.

The active ingredient in the UltraPole NXT and UltraArm NXT formulation is fully standardized as a wood preservative by the American Wood Protection Association. As part of the standardization process, Viance presented 28-year performance data supporting the long-term protection for utility poles and cross arms. The data showed that DCOI offered equal or better protection than penta in the long-term, side by side field study.

“UltraPole NXT offers electric utilities a high performance, durable pole with minimal environmental impact,” said John Hussa, President of Viance. “UltraPole NXT treated poles are backed by a 50-year warranty against termites and decay and offer the industry’s only warranty for an oil-borne preservative.”

UltraPole NXT and UltraArm NXT use less energy, fossil fuels and water to produce, with lower eco-toxicity than other materials used for poles. A recent comparison by Gradient concluded that DCOI has lower environmental and toxicity impact scores than CCA, penta, and creosote. UltraPole NXT capitalizes on the physical and environmental strengths of wood poles, with less impact on the environment.

DCOI, a key preservative component in Ecolife® treated decking and fencing is the leading non-metallic preservative currently on the market. DCOI is also a major component of the marine antifouling paint, Sea-Nine™, which won the US Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award; Designing Greener Chemicals in 1996.

About Viance

Viance, a leading provider of wood treatment preservatives, offers an extensive range of advanced wood treatment technologies and services to the global wood preservation industry. With expertise in wood biocides and wood protection chemicals, Viance technologies improve the performance and durability of wood products for sustainable building. Viance is a joint venture of Dupont™ and Venator™ Materials PLC.