What THEY say about UltraPole® and UltraArm NXT with DCOI

Here's what users say about the performance of UltraPole NXT and UltraArm NXT with DCOI:

User Testimonials for UltraPole NXT Wood Utility Poles

Bill Gay, National Sales Manager for W.C. Meredith, East Point, GA, stated, “As a treater, changing to DCOI was a seamless transition with the steam conditioning process plus the DCOI preservative has extremely good penetration all the way to the heart of the wood. UltraPole NXT with DCOI offers additional benefits of less toxicity for lineman, the public and the environment, plus linemen are very happy with the drill-ability and say it climbs beautifully. Utility managers like the environmentally friendly aspect and that there is no change in safety instructions or programs in the switch from penta to DCOI.”

Shannon Terrell, President and CEO of Brooks Manufacturing, Bellingham, WA, notes, "The advantage of DCOI for us as a wood crossarm treater, is the preservative penetrates better than penta. To our customers, they will not recognize a difference from penta in color or look of the wood, but they are getting a product with better treating results. The combination of DCOI treatment with a wood crossarm make it the most sustainable product on the market, specifically when compared with alternative products like composite and steel."

Troy Carpenter, Foreman, J.F. Electric, Edwardsviile, IL, who worked on an electrical distribution line for South Central Power Company, observed, "Unlike the other poles, these didn't smell and they don't cause me to sneeze."

Scott Schneider, President, A. Meredith Schneider Co., East Point, GA, said, "As penta was exiting the market, we approached finding a replacement preservative as perhaps the most important decision of our generation. After doing our research, UltraPole NXT with DCOI was the obvious choice for our company."

Brian Murch, Electric Distribution Supervisor for the City of Painesville, OH, mentioned, "The first thing I noticed was the poles were odor-free and dry to the touch."

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