Wood Quality Control Qualifies W.C. Meredith Company for DCOI Production

UltraPoleTM NXT replacement for Penta available to co-ops under the WQC program.

Charlotte, N.C. (Dec.18, 2020) – Viance, a leading innovator in the wood preservation industry announces Wood Quality Control (WCQ) has qualified A Meredith Schneider Company (AMS) and William C. Meredith Company (WCM), for production of UltraPole NXT with DCOI.

UltraPole NXT, treated with DCOI is a rigorously tested, environmentally advanced preservation system that offers utilities an alternative to penta and other preservative systems currently in use.

WCM and AMS will produce and distribute UltraPole NXT poles treated with DCOI to most US markets using Southern Yellow Pine poles. Co-ops and MUNI's who use the WQC inspection program can now schedule production at WCM's East Point, GA facility.

Bob Baeppler, Business Development Manager - Industrial Products with Viance, has spent his entire career in this industry and states, “UltraPole NXT is the preservative that most resembles the best characteristics of penta without some of its less desirable aspects. These DCOI treated poles offer the electric utilities a high performance, durable pole that is climbable, and low to no odor with lower environmental impact.”

Scott Schneider, president of the Meredith companies, stated, “As Penta is exiting the market, we approached finding a replacement preservative as perhaps the most important decision of our generation. After doing our research and learning about the benefits of DCOI, it was the obvious choice for our company.”

UltraPole NXT uses less energy, fossil fuels and water to produce, with lower eco-toxicity than other materials used for poles. A hazard comparison by Gradient concluded that DCOI in general, has lower hazard scores than CCA, PCP, and creosote. UltraPole NXT capitalizes on both the physical and environmental strengths of wood poles, with less impact on the environment.

To receive qualification, Wood Quality Control (WQC) oversees a number of treating charges to ensure customers receive high-quality treated wood utility products that provide a reliable, long service life.

About Viance, LLC
Viance, a leading provider of wood treatment preservatives, offers an extensive range of advanced wood treatment technologies and services to the global wood preservation industry. With expertise in wood biocides and wood protection chemicals, Viance technologies improve the performance and durability of wood products for sustainable building. Viance is a joint venture of Dupont™ and Venator™ Materials PLC. Visit treatedwood.com.

About A Meredith Schneider Co. and William C. Meredith Co.
A Meredith Schneider Company and William C. Meredith Company represent five generations of the Meredith family providing quality wood utility poles to telephone and electric utilities throughout the eastern United States. Established in 1921, the companies’ reputation is founded on a superior treating process utilizing the proven benefits of the steam conditioning and vacuum drying process. This process stops decay and removes moisture so the preservative will penetrate to the heartwood. Benefits include poles that are easier to climb, a consistently drier surface, less brittleness in the wood and a 50-plus year service life. Visit Mereduc.com.

About Wood Quality Control
WQC was created by NRECA in 1982 to perform RUS-required inspections at manufacturing plants and utility pole yards. Visit cooperative.com.