Ask for Ecolife treated wood.

All treated wood is not the same. Ecolife® treated wood is more environmentally advanced offering these benefits: 

Ecolife® treated wood with integrated stabilizer
  1. Ecolife® is the ONLY treated wood preservative with an integrated stabilizer standardized by the American Wood Protection Association.
  2. The integrated stabilizer ensures the wood you buy has the right amount of stabilizer and is evenly mixed throughout the wood preservative.
  3. The stablizer keeps your treated wood straighter than ordinary treated wood.
  4. The stabilizer reduces checking in the wood compared to ordinary treated wood, fighting the effects of the sun and weather extremes.
  5. There is no need to seal for up to three years due to built-in water repellency.
  6. Ecolife's active ingredient is DCOI, a non-metallic preservative. 
  7. DCOI is not an EPA restricted use pesticide and is a very effective fungicide.
  8. Ecolife does not contain any VOCs.
  9. Ecolife is certified for points toward the the ICC-700 National Green Building Standard.
  10. Ecolife treated wood is less corrosive to fasteners and compatible with aluminum products, including aluminum flashing even in continuous wet environments.
  11. Ecolife minimizes lost time and money spent on culling, complaints, and call-backs.
  12. Ecolife is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty against fungal decay and termite attack. See warranty for details.

Ecolife is approved for use in above ground applications that are six inches or more from the ground in certain residential and agricultural uses. Popular uses include:

  • decking, deck framing, joists, and beams
  • porches, arbors, gazebos, trellis, and walkways
  • picnic tables, outdoor furniture, benches, and playsets
  • outdoor structures
  • sill plates and furring strips

Check out the Ecolife treated wood video below.

Ecolife® treated wood video developed by Viance®, LLC.

Ecolife is available from Lowe's, 84 Lumber, and independent lumberyards. Ecolife products may not be available at all retail locations. Look for "EL2" or the Ecolife logo on the end tag.

Visit the Ecolife product page for more information.