AWPA Standardizes DCOI for Additional Crosstie Wood Species

DCOI, the active ingredient in UltraTie™, is currently standardized by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) for Coastal Douglas-fir, Western Hemlock, and Western Larch in Use Categories UC4A, UC4B, and UC4C. DCOI was also standardized for use with mixed hardwood, Oak and Hickory, and Southern and Ponderosa pine ties by the AWPA T3 Committee in 2023 and ratified by the Executive Committee in January 2024. The new species listings will become effective when the revised Standard is published in the AWPA’s "Book of Standards" in June 2024. 

UltraTie, combines long-term efficacy with low environmental impact. The DCOI used to treat UltraTie and its close cousin, UltraPole®NXT, is the first major innovation in America’s infrastructure market in decades. 

When compared in a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to ties manufactured from other materials such as galvanized steel, fiber reinforced composite or concrete, UltraTie uses less total energy, less fossil fuels and less water to manufacture while producing less acid rain, less greenhouse gases, less eutrophication, with lower ecotoxicity. DCOI is not a persistent organic pollutant. 

UltraTie with DCOI represents the next generation, treated wood railroad ties currently being evaluated by short line and Class 1 railroads.

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