Know the difference with Ecolife® DCOI treated wood

Ecolife® treated wood with DCOI is the only treated wood with an integrated stabilizer standardized by the American Wood Protection Association.

Ecolife Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood is an environmentally-advanced wood protection system, utilizing a fully integrated wood preservative with built-in stabilizer for maximum weathering protection and enhanced performance. The active ingredient in Ecolife is DCOI, a non-restricted pesticide and contains no heavy metals.

Ecolife trested wood fights the effects of the sun and weather extremes by repelling water, minimizing cracking and keeping boards straighter. Ecolife is approved for use in above ground applications that are six inches or more from the ground in certain residential and agricultural uses.

Ecolife is available at Lowe's, 84 Lumber, and at independent lumberyards across the country. Ecolife may not be available at all locations.

Ecolife Benefits

  • No need to seal for up to three years due to built-in water repellency
  • Significantly minimizes cracking, checking and splitting by up to 50%
  • Keeps boards straighter for long-term beauty
  • Less corrosive to fasteners and compatible with aluminum products, including aluminum flashing
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty* protects the long-term performance of your project

Ecolife offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty* against damage from fungal deround use in cay or termite attack when installed in accordance with applicable building codes for certain residential and agricultural uses. Warranty coverage includes above ground joists, beams and framing members that are critical to the safety and performance of the structure. *See Ecolife Lifetime Limited Warranty for terms and conditions.

Here's how Ecolife makes a difference to customers and end users.

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Testimonial Ecolife treated wood

Look for Ecolife or EL2 on the end tag.

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Ecolife® treated wood is designed for above ground use in residential and certain agricultural applications.