Utilities Wanting to Convert to DCOI

Utilities wanting to convert to DCOI can contact RUS directly until the new Wood Bulletin is published in the Federal Register.

The approval to use non-standard or unlisted materials for wood pole preservatives, waivers may be obtained from RUS under authority of 7 CFR 1728.20 according to a recent memo from Rural Utilities Service (RUS).

With penta production ending in December this year, and subject to RUS approval, RUS is allowing waivers for materials not listed in the Informational Publication 202-1 "List of Materials" or cited in the regulation.

Co-ops can submit a request directly to Norris Nicholson, Chair of Technical Standards Committee A at norris.nicholson@usda.gov or through your General Field Representative.


RUS Customer Service: (202) 720-1979